Dora Cherico | Keller Williams Wellington

Dora Cherico

Director of Technology & Marketing

Fuelled by her enthusiasm for the field, Dora decided to take her commitment to real estate to the next level. In June 2013, she obtained her real estate license and became a buyers agent. This step allowed her to directly engage with clients and provide personalized guidance throughout the home buying process.

As the years went by ,Dora continued to excel in her career, demonstrating strong leadership abilities and a talent for empowering others. She gradually transitioned into the role of an assistant team leader, and then the Team Leader of the #1 real estate office in the Western communities of Palm Beach County. In this position, she played a pivotal role in managing the team’s operations, coordinating efforts, and ensuring seamless collaboration among team members.

Drawing upon her extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry, Dora currently holds the prestigious position of Director of Technology and Marketing at the same Keller Williams office. Her primary focus is on leveraging technology to enhance marketing strategies and optimize business processes for real estate agents. Through her role, she has developed a reputation for helping agents elevate their businesses to new heights and achieve remarkable success.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dora is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. She has true passion for helping real estate agents reach their full potential, providing guidance, mentorship, and support. Her expertise in team building, cultivated over years of experience in retail and customer service, has proven invaluable in fostering successful collaborations and achieving collective goals.

In summary, Dora is a dedicated and results-oriented professional with a proven ability to excel in various capacities within the real estate industry. Her extensive background in customer service and retail, combined with her passion for empowering others, has enabled her to become an influential figure in the field. With her expertise in technology and marketing, she continues to drive innovation and lead the way towards a brighter future for real estate professionals.